Gold Package

Gold Package

Gold Package

  • Career Roadmapping
  • Online Branding and Outreach
  • Resume Building
  • Professional Interview Prep
  • 6-month coaching and consulting

Career Roadmapping

Are you struggling to figure out what exactly it is you want to do outside the classroom or have no direction of where to start?

We help break down these steps by roadmapping career opportunities that best fit your personality, experience, and more importantly, what you could be successful at. We uncover your ‘non-negotiables’ when it comes to your job search in the market. We then look at the job opportunities available and industries that align to best fit your needs. We then complete action steps to get you into the new career of your dreams.

Resume Building

Are you spending a hefty penny on resume templates and professionals but are not landing interviews?

We have proven educators who have been inside the classroom and can articulate what you’ve professionally done in your career and how it translates into the role you’re applying for. We not only highlight your classroom experience, but we also then discuss how to speak about your experience during that interview and how that can translate into a different industry outside the classroom.

Online Branding and Outreach

Have you applied to dozens of jobs and have either received rejection after rejection or not have heard back?

We help build out your online portfolio and strategically network with those decision-makers. While being professionally persistent, we use proven techniques to get responses and interview requests. We also help you search various job boards to find the best opportunity that fits what you’re looking for.

Professional Interview Prep

Have you not had an interview outside of education and not sure what to expect? Or have you had multiple interviews and just can’t seem to get the offer?

We help identify what made you stand out to get that interview and highlight how that will make you an asset for the organization you’re applying for. We develop a game plan of ideas and questions to expect from the interviewer and talking points to discuss to stand out from the competition.

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